About Me

Hello!, My name is VoltBun and thank you for passing out on my webspace!. You may wondering what kind of person I am, well, I'm just someone who likes to draw on his computer for fun, I'm not an expert for drawing so I just like to use an old version of MS Paint to draw, I also make pixelart and sometimes I just make some doodles on my 3DS. I would also consider myself a furry I guess, since I'm a big fan of anthrophomorphic animals since I have memory, My fursona is a blue rabbit with an purple line around his snout, sometimes he wears a purple hoodie and blue pants but he prefers to wear nothing more than a bowtie.

I'm also a big nerd for computers and tech, mainly retro ones, though I only have stuff from the 2000s, I still managed to try older stuff from the 90s and earlier through emulation and virtual machines. I tend to use Linux as a main system but I stil use Windows for minor things such as running specific programs and work things. My other interests include gaming, where I mostly play retro games but still I play some modern ones. Also I'm into programming but I only know very basic stuff for now, at least I'm capable to do HTML enough to make this page :P

If you like my stuff you can follow me in different places, obviously you will need a modern browser but I will leave them anyway in case you are interested!

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You can also contact me through Discord! VoltBun#9027