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Hi there, welcome to my Transistor Cafe space!

Digicat I'm Kitty, a digicat fuelled by a passion for retro technology and rail transport, preserving the long forgotten parts of the past!

You can mostly find me tinkering with all kinds of strange and interesting devices; whether it be everyday run of the mill vintage desktops or lesser explored niches such as the Pocket PC, there's value to be found in any device in my eyes!

So follow along and join me as I explore and preserve interesting technology from the past! if any of that piqued your interest, you can find some of what I do through my fediverse profile

I'm a.. An LGBT+ pride flag

  • synthetic otherkin that happens to have an interest in transhumanism, rejecting the imposition of humanity
  • advocate of open source software, pushing the use of linux wherever I can, currently daily driving arch
  • transport enthusiast with a love for all types of locomotives, you can never go wrong with dependable rail transport
  • archivist primarily focusing on lesser documented mobile devices and plaforms

This site was made to work with almost any browser conceivably imaginable, old or new, using various techniques to ensure decent compability even on a browser as old as Internet Explorer 3.0; as a bonus, the relatively small file sizes used on the site means it can load fast through dial-up for a more authentic Web 1.0 experience :P

Seen me around before? you might know me as the webmistress of this webspace! or have seen me in the many retro circles I frequent, feel free to say hi if you see me on Discord or anywhere else I might happen upon!

Artwork by VoltBun

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