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Hi there, welcome to my Transistor Cafe space!


Digicat I'm Kitty, a trans digicat that likes to wear bowties and mess around with all kinds of retro technology; whether it be everyday common vintage desktops or obscure PDAs, there's value and joy to be found in any kind of device in my eyes!

Follow along and join me as I explore and preserve interesting technology from the past! if any of that sounds interesting, you can see some of what I'm working on through either my Twitter or Mastodon profiles


This site was made to work with almost any browser conceivably imaginable, old or new, using various techniques to ensure decent compability even on a browser as old as Internet Explorer 3.0; as a bonus, the relatively small file sizes used on the site means it can load fast through dial-up for a more authentic Web 1.0 experience :P

Artwork by VoltBun

LGBT flag Trans flag - She/Her Best viewed on any browser Follow me on Mastodon! Made on Linux

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digikitty_x86 2013-2023 (10 whole years! :P) Blue bowtie, last updated 27.01.2023